Biosteel™ Goat

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Understanding Media

Subject to Culture

By Tom Tyler


Strange Animals

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The Lives of Animals

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« It’s unclear if humans are any more fascinated with animals than they ever have been, but it’s safe to say that the visual manifestations of this fascination are on the rise. Blue-chip wildlife documentaries like “Planet Earth”and the current “Frozen Planet,” feats of extreme-condition, high-definition shooting, are blockbuster events. On the lowbrow end of the spectrum animal attacks and rogue pets are staples of cable television, and YouTube is an infinite virtual menagerie of cat videos and creature memes. Along with the explosion in animal imagery there has been an uptick of interest within academia, spurred by the growing field of animal studies, in the relations and interactions between humans and animals. As it happens, these are matters that come into instructive and sometimes disconcerting focus when we consider how humans film animals. »


Flaherty NYC


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Death of the Forest


Grand Opening

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Center for PostNatural History

This was then. This is now.

Lab-grown meat

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Dr Post



PETA’s 1 M $ reward

AAG Panel

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Practices for a post-natural history


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Anthropologie des relations humains-animaux


Noëlie Vialles


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Deyrolles, depuis 1831…